Goncalo Esteves

USA Krav Maga was founded by Goncalo Esteves who is an instructor who is passionate about Krav Maga and its integrity, which is why he trains to maintain the high standards set by the F.E.K.M.-R.D.

Goncalo has an extensive Martial Arts background and an impressive CV.

– Krav Maga Black Belt since 2015
– Krav Maga Initiator by FEKM-RD December 2009
– Krav Maga practitioner since 2006
– 4th Dan Karate-Do Shotokai in 2006
– Karate Instructor from 1991 to the present
– Tetra National Champion by the National Karate Federation of Portugal
– Member of the National Karate Team from 1993 to 2005
– Member of the Technical Association of Karate Shoto (AKS)
– Trainer for trainers’ pedagogy certificated
– Certificate of Fitness Professional Trainer
– Trainer at the National Karate Federation of Portugal
– Karate Trainer Level 3
– Researcher in the area of Biomechanics from 2005 to 2006 at the Faculty of Human Kinetics
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